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59th Anniversary: Independence Day Nigeria

Nigeria At 59: Independence Day Nigeria

“Independence day Nigeria” is celebrated every 1st of October and it is a national official Public Holiday. The celebration begins with the president’s speech to citizens on radio and TV. The celebration also features military parade and parades from unions, schools and concerts featuring various artists.

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Brief History

1st of October is the date when British rule ended. Colonization survived until 1960, when Nigeria gained its independence through a non dependent movement.

Nigeria began as a republic three years after independence (1963) but surrendered to military rule after three years of bloody coup d’état. A sectarian movement later formed the Republic of Biafra in 1967, which brought about the three-year Civil War in Nigeria.

Nigeria became a republic once again in 1979 after a new constitution was written. The republic however, was short-term and the military took over power again four years later. A new republic was planned to be setup in 1993, but was dissolved by General Sani Abacha. Abacha who died in 1998 and a fourth republic was later established the following year, which terminated thirty years of irregular military dictatorship.