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BBNaija Updates 2019: Oral Fight Between Tacha And Thelma [Video]

BBNaija Season 4 Records First Fight Between Tacha and Thelma

The fight between Tacha and Thelma broke out while eating on the dining table on July 2, 2019, less than 72 hours of the long awaited reality Tv show BBNaija Season 4. There seem to be a quick envy, jealousy misunderstanding or hate which has led to an altercation between acclaimed ‘Port Harcourt First Daughter,’ Tacha and Thelma.

Tacha however, seems to be a threat to some of the housemates due to her popularity on social media (Instagram), thereby igniting envy and strife.

Thelma became furious and expressed dissatisfaction on the portion of food (meat and fish) she recievd after Tacha served everyone with their meals.

Reacting by her ingratitude, Tacha fired back and the both of them began to exchange abusive words like ‘fool,’ ‘dumb’ etc at each other. The two adult seems to be incompatible as a result of their actions.

‘Mike’ minded his business and kept eating his food when the feud between fellow housemates was on. Other housemates helped to end the battle of words between the two which would have eventually led to a physical fight and by extension, dismissal for breaking the rule of ‘No Fighting in the Big Brother House.’

Nevertheless, the two ladies are becoming more popular for being the first to engage in a dispute.