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Burna Boy Apologizes To Zambian Fan Who Tried To “Rob” Him

Nigerian Afro-pop star Burna Boy star has sent his apologies to the acclaimed “fan” and Zambians as a whole who, according to him, tried to rob him while he was performing in a show in Zambia.

Burna Boy However, has reacted to the outcome of his act. He said that the concert goer was not a fan but only a a random person who severally attempted to rob him while he was on stage.

Burna said; “I’m sorry about how it looks but this person continuously tried to rob me on stage. It was like the 10th attempt to do it after telling him several time to stop.”

He also said “This wasn’t a fan. Apologies for how it looks but it’s not the case at all. I appreciate all my fans.”

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