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Due To The Rearrest Of Sowore “The Bilateral Relationship We Have With Nigeria Will Be Reassessed” – Bob Menendez

Due To The Rearrest Of Sowore "The Bilateral Relationship We Have With Nigeria Will Be Reassessed" - Bob Menendez

Sowore’s Rearrest Has Called For The Attention Of US Senator, Bob Menendez and They Threaten to Cut Off Bilateral Relationship With Nigeria

The rearrest of activist and journalist, Omoyele Sowore has triggered concerns from the intentional communities. A United State Senator, Bob Menendez in a press release called out on the Nigerian Government to release Sowore immediately.

Sowore who was previously granted bail twice by the Nigerian court was openly defied by state security agents each time.

The refusal by the Nigerian government to grant Sowore bail on court orders leads to the conclusion by Menendez that either the “Nigerian government no longer respects the rule of law or president Buhari is woefully out of touch with what agents of his government are doing with his name.”

The wife of Sowore who also spoke, said “I’m really shaken to my core at what i witnessed this morning. I was walking up at 4am to see what i can only call truly outrageous and a gross disregard for the rule of law. My husband was strangled and forcefully removed from the court room.”

She expressed her pain and disappointment over Sowore’s rearrest. “how do i tell my children who after 125 days have for the very first time spoken to their dad and seen his face that he’s again in detention and he may not be coming home for Christmas.”

The US senator however, assured the family of Sowore that he will continue the press until Swore is released and comes back to his family in the United States.

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