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Duncan Mighty Flaunts His Construction Business Apart From Music

Popular singer, songwriter and self acclaimed Port Harcourt First Son, Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu, alias Duncan Mighty, who hails from Obio-Akpor, Rivers State, has revealed his civil engineering outfit.

Most people only know Duncan Mighty for his melodious music production and vocals but unaware of his business and investments.

Although there have been a lot of speculations on Mighty’s source of wealth aside his music career.

One of the speculation holds that the singer must have gone into “oil bunkering” to make money, just because he comes from an oil prone area and most people there are known for such illegal business.

Duncan Mighty had earlier made open his mega source of wealth, “It is good to make money. I am a very hard working man and aside music, I own and run a construction company. In each of my sites, I have at least 43 staff members who work as engineers. So, apart from music, I do civil engineering works. Despite the fact that I am an artiste, I am also an engineer. I make money from my works, I have done good jobs and people refer me to others that need my services. I lease heavy duty machines as well. I am not bragging but showing you how hard I work. Money does not make a man.”— Duncan Mighty Said.

The vocalist took to his Instagram page today to flaunt his block construction site and wrote, “Back to Hustle No food for idle man. Stone Durst block production…. Join the campaign against collapsing of buildings by using the best concretes @mightycrete #celebrityengineer.”

Duncan Mighty is highly recognized in the city of Port Harcourt, South South Nigeria and as a matter of fact, the street where his company is located named after him. (Mighty And Mighty Construction. 10/11 DuncanMighty street along Nta Choad Port Harcourt.)