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Ghanaian Government To Introduce Air Wing Of Police Service, Says Interior Minister [Photos]

The Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery says government will soon introduce an Air Wing of the Ghana Police Service.

The minister in his speech said, the development is driven towards ensuring aerial surveillance and improving the work of the Police service.

Mr. Ambrose reiterated that Police already has a land and marine operations team, which will be complimented by the soon-to-be introduced Air Wing.

This comes shortly after President Nana Akufo-Addo announced the procurement of three helicopters to enhance the work of the police service.

Speaking at the West Africa Security Service Association (WASSA) of the Ghana Police Service last month, the President said there will also be training of Police personnel as pilots and engineers to propel the agenda.

More from the ministers speech below!

“[The government] today is introducing an aspect of policing that Ghana has not known, the Air Wing of the police,” he said.

“You will realise that the police has the land operations, marine operations by the marine police and now are introducing aerial capabilities to enhance the capacity of the Ghana police to take part in live operations, air cover to gather information and intelligence over whatever is happening on the ground.”

He said, with the new development of the Air Wing, the Police will no longer need to depend on the military when it comes to aerial surveillance to fight crime.

“We have always depended on the Ghana Air Force to provide this and we are witnesses of the number of operations… But the president believes that while he continues to deal with enhancing the capacity of the military, we must have this air wing.”