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Kanye West – Jesus Is King Album Review

Kanye West “Jesus Is King” Album, The Review

“Def Jam Recordings” act, Kanye Wests’ gospel album, Jesus Is King (JIK) is ultimately focused on Christianity but not elaborate. Kanye’s album is narrowed down to his personal love for God.

The history of “Father I Stretcth My Hands to Thee” is traced back to 1964 where some members of Mount Zion Methodist Church were trapped by Ku Klux Klan in a small community in Longdale, Messissippi.

Some of the said culprits who were said to appear in police uniform brutalized the victims and burned the church building down. While the incident took place, a particular woman, Beatrice Cole busted into tears and said a simple but heartfelt prayer saying; “Father, I stretch my hand to thee, no other help I know. If thou withdraw thyself from me, where shall I go?” immediately, the Klansmen ceased their attack and the news spread round the community and further engendered the power of God and his gospel.

“Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee,” has since then been used as a Methodist hymn. Isaac Watts in the early 1700s composed the Methodist hymn, “Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee,” and has subsequently become an inspiring standard sampled by other black gospel artists. Kanye West is not left out as he also sampled Pastor T.L. Barett’s version in 2016 (The Life of Pablo).

Kanye undoubtedly brings back “Father I Stretch My Hands to You,” sampled from a 1974 track,Whole Truths’s “Can You Lose By Following God into his song “Follow God,” which is part of his new album, “Jesus Is King. The Album, “Jesus The King” is Kanye’s first project delivered in the wake up Sunday Service, the performance series which has also grown to a mega church brand.

Over the years, West has been into a couple of shit which has made him to run back to God for refuge and strength. JIK album, as portrayed by West serves as a disclaimer to his past iniquities and total cleansing by God.

With the professionalism of ace producers like, Timbaland, Evan Mast of Ratatat, Pi’erre Bourne and Boogz, Jesus The King Album seem to be more straight to the point than his 2018 album. He brings back the mythical vibe associated with Hawwaii origin story; My Beatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The rhythm and melody of the sounds is traced back to West Africa which is also notable and makes the album more organized and entertaining. Kudos!

In the album, Kanye reflects on his career in the past 15 years. “God Is” slides into his the early days of his career as Roc-A-Fella in-house producer. “Use This Gospel” which features solo by Kenny G is beyond words.
2013’s “Yeezuz” resonates in the battle drum that drives “Selah.” Kanye’s rough pleading on the track, “Water” brings back memories of the era of loosies that produced “FourFiveSeconds” and “Only One.”

Kanye’s vocals is filled with Auto-Tune which demarcates from 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak down to the anguish of Pablo. The high point of the album however, is the in-built pressure between a reunited Clipse – Pusha-T and his older brother No Malice – on “Use This Gospel” for the first time in several years and at different stages of self-reflection.

While most contemporary gospel entreats struggle, salvation, and transformation, Jesus Is King is mostly focused on the ways in which religion has personally saved Kanye. For instance, if you ask “How you got so much favor on your side? ‘Accept him as your lord and savior,’ I replied,” he raps on “On God.”

Kanye however, focuses on Christianity as a religion rather than a way of life, emulating the life of Christ while he was on earth.

Information received in recent weeks, claimed that he rebuked his wife for wearing tight dresses, asked associates to abstain from premarital sex, and began to keep doctrines of restraining himself to two curse words a day.
West’s interpretation of the gospel has been more doctrinaire than faithful.

He has been expressing his vulnerability to his hypocrisies over the years which have have made West a uniquely convincing artist; unfortunately, “Follow God,” is outstanding where an argument with his father calls for consideration, however narrow, of what it means to be “Christlike.” Not forgetting the bassline in “Water,” it’s quite addictive and worth sampling.

Jesus Is King Album is general ia an album of Mantras, too short and unfinished. The album lacks depth to deviate from his political life. For example, his cry for the abolishment of the 13th Amendment opposes his affirmed support for racist and penal president.

We referred to Kanye’s previous albums to expand our thoughts. Right now they bring to notice the withered world of Kanye West.