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Labour Suspends Planned Strike To Continue National Minimum Wage Negotiation With FG

Labour Suspends Planned Strike

Labour Suspends Planned Strike As Negotiation Continues Today (Wednesday October 16, 2019)

The Labour Unions in a meeting with the Federal Government yesterday (15th October 2019) suspended their planned nationwide strike over new minimum wage implementation as their dialogue with the Federal Government ended in a deadlock.

Organized labour earlier met with some representatives of the Federal Government on Tuesday, October 15, to avoid a nationwide strike by workers, slated for Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

The 5-hour meeting between FG and Labour only led to labour resolving to suspend the strike to continue their meeting today Wednesday, October 16).

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During the course of the meeting, there were sessions and few occasions when Government and Labour teams had to break the general meeting to meet their individual teams before continuing with the joint session.

Before the meeting, labour demanded a 29 percent salary increase for officers at salary grade levels 07 to 14 and 24 percent adjustment for officers at salary grade levels 15 to 17, while the federal government proposed an 11 percent increase for officers at grade level 07 to 14 and 6.5 percent increase for workers at grade level 15 to 17.

During the meeting, labour reduced its demands to 20 and 25 percent, while government increased its offer to 17 percent for workers at grade levels 07 to 09, 15 percent for those at grade levels 10 to 14 and 12 percent for workers at grade level 15 to 17.

Source has it that labour demanded some documents from FG to verify their claims during the meeting.

The documents demanded by labour, according to the said source, are to enable them establish its claims during the negotiation on the new minimum wage adjustments.

So far, the negotiations between labour and the federal government over the minimum wage increase have always been fruitless.

However, the negotiation so far initiated has led to nervousness and frustrations among the teaming civil servants, and the general public at large.