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Nigeria’s Backwardness Is As A Result Of Her Faulty Constitution, Says Commedian Ali baba

Award winning Commedian and actor Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, best known as “Ali Baba,” has expressed dissatisfaction and his opinion on the state of Nigeria’s economy.

The comedian said that the Nigerian constitution was framed up by the Military government and as such has no good impact on the masses.

He added that the now “Democratic Government” feels comfortable with it because of their selfish interest on the faulty constitution.

He cited an instance where a state government is responsible for the payment of salaries, not dependent of the federal allocation, nobody will want to be governor.

He also cited a time when a certain Nigerian law maker was suspended from the house because he opposed on the huge salaries and allowances earned by senators.

He concluded that the only way Nigeria can become a better nation is by amending her constitution.

Ali Baba has left an indelible mark on the “sands of time” in his career.

Ali Baba’s achievements

In 2012, the comedian rang the Year End Closing Bell of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, of which he happens to be the first Nigerian comedian to handle such a role.

He is also an official “Special Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps.” among other achievements.