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Police Arrests 3 Suspected Fraudsters Impersonating Sunny Ade On Instagram [Photo]

The three suspects of internet fraud that allegedly impersonated veteran music icon, King Sunny Ade, and tricked unsuspecting members of the public of over N3.1 million, have been arrested by Lagos state police.

The alleged scammers, Lawrence Femi, aged 27, his girlfriend, Rebecca Oyebode, 23 and Oyewumi Abiodun, 27, were arrested Special Intelligence Bureau, SIB detectives, after King Sunny Ade made an official complain to the Commissioner of Police that some persons were using his identity to defraud innocent Nigerians.

Information reaching the police had it that the suspects created an InstagramFan Page using the handle “King Suny Ade Fan Page” which they used to make fake advert placement entitled KSA USA TOUR. They also requested interested persons to contact them.

Police sources has it that over 55 persons showed their interest and started making payments to the suspected fraudsters, which they claimed they were offering USA visa.

The source disclosed that the arrest was made through the tracking of the bank account with the name of the girlfriend who was used to open the account used for the fraudulent activities.

Statement given by the main suspect, 27-year-old Oyedokun Lawrence Femi, “I was arrested because I impersonated King Sunny Ade. I did that by creating a fan page with his name and pictures sometime last year. Early this year, I posted something on Instagram about KSA USA TOUR. I just posted it to make money.”

In Sunny Ade’s reaction, he said “They will say they are this and they got paid for visa. When it was getting too much for me, I had to invite the police to trace those behind the impersonation, so that my name would be cleared and people would know that I am not the person defrauding them.

“I have never done anything like that in my life and career. I am a law-abiding citizen of this country. So, I had to call the police to come and help me.” On how he felt when he heard that his name was being used to commit fraud, he stated:

“It was like someone loading a gun in your presence and corking it. I advise the police to help me recover all the money got from all the victims and refund it to them.

Advice for youths ” This is what I have been saying for a long time now; the youth should not be too ambitious in getting things that don’t belong to them. “Again, they need to have the fear of God in their heart and the fear of the nation and the law. Eventually, when you are doing things that are wrong, you will have to pay for it. Someone who has been doing business legitimately and you take advantage of their image to fleece victims of their hard earned money.

“This is not a matter of album; it is going to be more than an album. It is not only youths alone, we have to work with the family by way of educating them that they shouldn’t allow their kids to act as they like. “I plead with the federal, state and local government agencies to join hands and put an end to this menace. So far, I am satisfied with the police investigation.”