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Praiz Speaks On Visioning And Hustling [Photos]

Multi-talented RnB singer, producer and songwriter Praise Ugbede Adejo, better known as “Praiz” has recently been encouraging his fans with his motivational quotes which he tags #yourhustle and #visioning

The second runner up MTN PROJECT FAME season one who has been at the top of his career shows his love for his fans by encouraging them not to give up on their hustle and vision.

Motivational quotes by Praiz below!

“Pushing is … being self motivated and trusting that the work you do will first keep you alive and then gradually take you to where you dream. External motivation and applause should simply being icing on the cake and not the cake itself. What is #YourHustle? Keep Pushing.”

“Winning is … daily giving it your best and knowing that what you do is often more than meets the eye. Have you ever considered how the people you serve go on to be their very best simply because you gave them your best? What is #YourHustle?STAY #WINNING

“SOLVING is …. bridging the gap between questions and answers . Every time you are in a position to solve someone else’s problem, you are closing the gap between where they are and where they should be. What is #YourHustle? STAY#SOLVING

“Visioning is … looking at the world and your life through a lens of victory and doing all you can to attain it. There are times you need to do certain things as a stepping stone to get to where you have dreamed. Never look down on the tough parts of your journey. Each part of the process is important. What is #YourHustle? Keep #VISIONING”