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#SexForGrade: Some Girls Want STD, UNIBEN Profofessor Okwechime Emmanuel Reacts

“Some Girls Want STD” UNIBEN Prof. Okwechime Emmanuel Reacts To Sex For Mark Scandal

UNIBEN Professor, Okwechime Emmanuel, finally reacts to BBC’s (Broadcasters) documentary which uncovers some lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana.

Prof. Okwechime has defended suspected academics involved in such scandal by stating that sexual harassment is being seen from one side.

The UNIBEN lecturer revealed to Nigeria Info that some of the female students also harass their tutors sexually by dressing half-naked to class. In his words, these students want sexually transmitted degree (STD) and when some lecturers refuse to oblige, they get blackmailed.

Prof. Okwechime added that lecturers are humans and in any organization where there are adult male and female, there is bound to be natural attraction.

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First and foremost, the ancient hyping of sexual corruption is just wand of BC’s broadcasters and people not being serious. Sexual harassment is being seen from one angle. Is it not possible that even the lecturers are being harassed by the girls, by the way they dress?

Essentially, you see girls who are half nude come to class, who want to obtain what we call STD (Sexually Transmitted Degree). They want to get the degree by sexual intercourse and when you as the lecturer, you refuse to oblige them, they go and blackmail you.

How do you reconcile that a girl come to your office in a very transparent dress with their br3ast shooting out, almost seeing what is inside. At the end you discover that you are trust otherwise to do their bidding.

Now, the idea of some BC’s (Broadcasters) going underground to probe or put lecturers to test, lecturers are human beings, society is corrupt, lecturers are not saints.

So as it were, let us not get impression that lecturers are sexually lipid or whatever. Let it be known that in any organization where you have adult male and adult female, there is natural attraction.

Now, the truth behind it all is that one, these females sometimes do not pay attention to their studies, that is very basic. Let’s get is straight, it is going to be near impossible for a lecturer to go out of its way to fail a student who passed legitimately, for a student who knows her onion cannot be hookwinked, cannot be intimidated, cannot be subjected to inhuman treatment. – Prof. Okwechime Emmanuel.

Watch the video below!