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“Shame On You and Your Allies” – Hush Puppy Condemn President Muhammadu Buhari’s Leadership

Hush Puppy Alleges That President Muhammadu Buhari is Driving Nigeria In The Wrong Direction

Popular social media celebrity and self acclaimed real estate developer, Ray Hush Puppy, alleges that president Muhammadu Buhari and his allies are driving Nigeria in the wrong direction.

Hush Puppy declares his disappointment and calls out on president Buhari for allegedly rearresting activist and journalist, Omoyele Sowore through security agents after the court ordered for his bail.

Hush Puppy also added, “I remember how all the young and even the old, the hopeless, the poor, the general masses had so much hope in you to change and reshape our country Nigeria for the better, little did we know you and your allies only had plans to use the power we voted you in for was to be used to beat us, silent us, maltreat us and starve us.

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